Fluffy Purple Rose Glass Dome


Preserve relationship with your special someone by gifting a dark pastel red themed glass dome, decorated with warm white fairy lights. Preserved flowers typically can last 1-3 years with proper care.


  • double preserved roses and embellishments
  • premium glass dome with light wooden base
  • fairy lights (include 2 x AA batteries)
  • personalised greeting card
  • stylish carrier bag

Dimensions: height: 19cm | diameter: 13cm

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    Engraving is about 4cm wide, hence the longer the message/name, the smaller the text.

    Colour of the engraved text varies, it depends on the underlying wood reaction to the engraving

    • Switch is under the flower dome.
    • Glass cover can be opened for ease of maintenance.
      Please remove from packaging with care.
    • Wood, like all natural materials, has dispairites in color and grain pattern. Due to the natural variation in wood, each wooden base will have a variation in the finishing. 
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Preserved flowers are a perfect option for long-lasting, beautiful gifts. Each flower head undergoes an intricate process to preserve the quality of the petal. The appearance of. the flowers depends on the environmental conditions. The more humid the environment, the shorter its lifespan. Preserved flowers typically can last 1-3 years.

Meaning of purple roses: The color purple stands for majesty, luxury, and grandeur. Hence, these roses were noted as perfect gifts for kings and queens. As their main significance is beauty and elegance, these roses are perfect for any happy occasion.

Advantages of preserved flowers over fresh flowers:

  • They don’t need maintenance, watering or natural light
  • They have a beautiful and unchanging appearance which lasts for a long time
  • They are ecological and economic and are excellent value for money
  • Infinite possibilities for decoration
  • They are convenient

Care instructions:

  • Place flowers in a cool and dry environment, avoiding direct sunlight and water.
  • When dusty, blow with a hairdryer from a moderate distance.


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